SXSW Witnesses Game-changing Mixed Reality from DataMesh

DataMesh, a leading Big Data/Mixed Reality solutions provider and Microsoft partner, brought its real-time ‘Live! MR’ solution to the SXSW Trade Show from 11th-14th March 2018 and also held a session at the ‘Startup and Tech Sector’ track. DataMesh was one of the several Chinese companies (others being Alibaba and Mobike) making a splash at SXSW, unsurprising given how much attention China and its tech market have been gaining from the world in the past few years.

Mixed Reality is the rendering and display of virtual content in real environment contexts, and is being hailed as one of the most important developments in the new wave of technological progress. MR is expected to disrupt processes and services in many industries, including entertainment, healthcare, real estate, and scientific research. In this exciting new arena, DataMesh is creating solutions that combine MR, data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) in their enterprise services.

DataMesh pavilion at the trade show wowed visitors, reporters and children with a demo of their ‘Live!’ system, and DataMesh groundbreaking MR applications, including a visualized AI asset manager.

The Live! MR system makes MR more accessible to wider audiences who may not be familiar with MR technology. Visitors were able to see and interact with the Huaxia Fund-owned Intelligent Robo-Advisor provides financial planning assistance customized according to the client profile and needs, all without having to put on any headset. The Robo-advisor was developed using DataMesh Director, a service that allows companies to quickly create MR content and data visualization. Through DataMesh Director, the company makes MR more accessible and feasible to a larger set of businesses who would otherwise be daunted by development challenges.

In her speech titled ‘Enterprise Mixed Reality in China’ at the ‘Startup and Tech Sectors’ track, DataMesh General Manager Nikita Huang talked about how MR is changing how companies create and deliver services, especially in China. DataMesh also participate in other VRAR sessions and exchange newest progress with other speakers, especially in e-sports and broadcast. “Give me your business card!” “I know this will be the future and I am looking for a simple and cheap solution! It looks like the one!” Producers and Art Directors said to Nikita after her showing DataMesh solution to them.

DataMesh has supplied MR solutions for several prestigious televised events, including China Central Television’s (CCTV) Chinese Poetry Conference show where they delivered MR-content while livestreaming the event with multiple cameras. DataMesh also helped create the very first MR-supplemented TV show in China (possibly even the entire world). For an episode of Hunan TV’s ‘I am Future’, DataMesh supported Microsoft China in the creation of a free-movement MR experience for audiences sitting at home to enjoy MR experiences without the use of special equipment. For Beijing TV, DataMesh created a fire-breathing dragon to enthrall viewers and invited the celebrity guest to dance with his virtual avatar using their motion capture system.

“I have got incredible cases with broadcast in China. It is time to talk to Hollywood!” Nikita says.

MeshExpert Live! 2.0, Commercial Grade Spectator View Capture Solution for Mixed Reality Presentation

As some of you already know, we started DataMesh Shop since March 2017, and the only product on rack is HoloLens Spectator View Mount. In parallel of mailing the mounts worldwide, we developed MeshExpert Live! and finally made it to Version 2.0, a much advanced version that you can set up and run your own industrial-level spectator view MR set in 10 minutes.



We can probably call MeshExpert Live! the most stable 4K Moving-Camera Mixed Reality Capture Solution that enable multi-device collaboration. In version 2.0, our team has made major improvements in video stability and has shortened the set up process to 10 minutes.  By the way, we enabled stable handheld mode as well.

In this case, you don’t have to put effort in building them by yourself. All you have to do is to download MeshExpert Live! and start with a FREE 30-day trial.


Real-time Mixed Reality Show – Real-time scene on screen. No HoloLens needed as audience.
4K Mixed Reality Recording – Capture and record high resolution MR videos up to 4K.
Moving Camera –Enables stable and smooth camera movement to interact holograms with the real world. Image you can shoot a Mixed Reality movie now, with your own gear.
Multi-Device Collaboration – MeshExpert Live! connects your HoloLens, PC, Surface, Mobiles to let multiple players to collaborate seamlessly in real-time. All your MR interactions can be recorded and shared to the world.


Online Subscription You can now subscribe online at Start a free trial or buy your plan.
Stable Handheld Mode – New Anti-shake Feature enables stable handheld mode and brings more flexibility. You may also combine camera dolly tracks for smooth results.
Easy Setup –Simply click on the installation pack and it will save you time from jumping between HoloLens Portal and GitHub.
MeshExpert Center– One-stop portal for all the management of your mixed-reality devices and applications. Now you can monitor and manage server status.


MeshExpert Live! 2.0 can be deployed in product demonstration, television broadcasting, data visualization and many other scenarios.

Let’s use  NextEV Electric Car Showroom in China Technology Museum as an example. We project a 3D NextEV Electric Car model on a show table, though which user can listen to feature instruction by clicking emojis.

To view more videos recorded by MeshExpert Live!, please visit our YouTube Channel:

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To learn more about how to get MeshExpert Live! 2.0 up and running, please go to!%20User%20Manual%20v2_20170717_EN.pdf


We offer various licensing options with different deployment count and collaboration device count. You can choose a plan that suits you the most at

Besides, we are very glad to answer any questions about MeshExpert Live!, and get feedback from you in order to make our next version better. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and join HoloDeveloper Slack group. Can’t wait to share more stories!