DataMesh Mixed Reality Solutions Case Studies: Porsche and Canberra Grammar School

In DataMesh, we aim to address our clients’ needs in sales engagements, exhibition, training and many other industries with mature enterprise mixed reality solutions.  With recent expansion of the business, we are delighted to share two successful cases in which DataMesh not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations.

HoloHub with Porsche Experience Centre in Shanghai -Future of Customer Experience


  1. Reduce cost of building real models and make possible changes swiftly
  2. Create projects with unprecedented level of freedom and deploy them without limitation of physical space
  3. Exhibit pre-release product and service without any possible delivery delay
  4. Improve overall visiting experience


HoloHub: DataMesh’s Holographic based showcase modules

In Shanghai Porsche Experience Center, DataMesh deployed a virtual 2m*7m sandbox where customers can use HoloLens to interact with the virtual cars on the runways. And different customers can wear different HoloLens and view unified content.


As Jon Roach, Senior Manager, Porsche Experience Centre at Porsche China, mentioned in his LinkedIn post, HoloHub solutions presented “a taste of what’s to come in the virtual world”

During the exhibition in Shanghai recently, DataMesh’s HoloHub attracted large crowd of audience and helped Porsche to demonstrate a modern and forward-looking brand image.

With unique interactive experience where the virtual world meets reality, HoloHub is enabling business with powerful sales engagement capabilities with a sense of future.

Porsche’s Jon Roach’s LinkedIn post about DataMesh HoloHub

HoloReady with Canberra Grammar School- Future of Education


  1. Improved interaction where trainer can interact with 3D models in real space and such interaction can be recorded and shared live
  2. Deep understanding and great lesson results as 3D vision can improve learning efficiency significantly
  3. Massive scale user collaboration during learning and training
  4. Interact remotely in real-time and reduce cost in making course materials


HoloReady is DataMesh’s Holographic based training and readiness platform. After understanding the specific needs from Canberra Grammar School, we built an interactive Galaxy as part of the course materials. Students can use HoloLens, tablets and laptops to interact with virtual planets in real space and teachers can record and manage the course materials. With HoloReady, students and teachers are now able to collaborate during lessons when interacting with the same 3D models in real time.


Matthew Purcell, Head of Digital Innovation at Canberra Grammar School, pointed out that “DataMesh allowed us to create amazing third-person Spectator View videos of Microsoft HoloLens holographic content”.

As the first official trial in the world of Microsoft HoloLens in a school, Canberra Grammar School used DataMesh’s HoloReady to allow for holographic content to be captured in third-person to create stunning videos of Mixed Reality content. Students can now enjoy interactive course materials and achieve better results at the same time.

Canberra Grammar School used DataMesh’s HoloReady

At DataMesh, our mission has always been to bridge the real world with borderless virtual world to enable valuable business solutions. With two cases above, we are working hard to partner more clients and develop more solutions where Data Science meets Mixed Reality.

We hope you enjoy this blog!